The Best Way To Get Over Post-Summer Blues

As the summer comes to a close, it is natural for many to experience a sense of letdown entering autumn. Summer is often a time of vacation and relaxation, and this can create many fond memories. A lot of outdoor activities like barbecuing, backpacking, and visiting the beach are best enjoyed during the sunny summer months. And as we head into autumn the days gradually become shorter, the weather grows colder, and in many regions, the trees and plants begin to shed their verdant foliage. This transition can cause a lot of people to feel rueful about summer coming to an end. If you are undergoing a similar state of melancholy, consider the following methods to help shake off the post-summer blues.

Make sure you have unpacked

Once you return from a summer trip, it is natural to feel some exhaustion. Often times the last thing on your mind is unpacking your bags. However, if it goes on too long, that luggage is not only holding a lot of your clothes hostage, but the bags themselves are constant reminders of the trip you took. Once you have recovered from your trip a bit, make sure you completely unpack and send all those clothes through the laundry. Then store the luggage in their designated spot until they’re ready to be used again.

Get one last summer cleaning in

As the weather gets colder, you may be seeing the interior of your living space a lot more over the coming months. While it is still comfortable outside, take some time to open a window and air out your rooms. Sweep and mop your floors before it gets too cold underfoot to do so. Take out any clutter or errant packaging boxes to the trash or recycling. Dust as many surfaces as you can to prepare possibly being shut-in for a while. If you must stay indoors for an extended period, it might be worth getting in an excellent clean beforehand.


Summer tends to be a period of heightened activity. With all the extra daylight, it is natural to be up late doing fun things. If you are traveling, it is also easy to disrupt your sleep schedule. The excitement of being abroad, in addition to trying to maximize your waking hours and possible jetlag, can quickly add up into a sleep deficit. While it may be easy enough to power through when you’re having fun, it is a fact that the body requires enough rest and will be much more prone to sickness and depression without it. As soon as you can, make sure your sleep cycle is properly synced up in order to resist post-summer blues.

Start laying out winter clothes

Yes, it’s about to get colder, and for many, this is unpleasant. On the other hand, many people find multiple layers of autumn and winter clothes more comfortable and even fashionable. Whatever your thoughts on sweaters and shawls might be, it may be wise to make sure these clothes are accessible and clean. You don’t want to wait for the blizzard to drop before trying to find your scarf and gloves. If you are also reliant on high-traction boots to safely navigate the winter you will want to make sure these are in good repair and that any necessary waterproofing has been applied.

Consider attending an indoor gym

Regular physical exercise is a hugely beneficial part of overall wellbeing. Getting out and moving about is easy enough to do in the summer but this naturally becomes more difficult or even dangerous during the autumn and especially the winter. Exercise produces beneficial endorphins and improved circulation that has been demonstrated to help fight off depression and apathy. If you want to keep up a routine of physical activity, it may be valuable looking into a gym membership for when it gets cold. If you are a swimmer but are less inclined to face the rigors of swimming in icy water, then an indoor pool will be a natural choice. Having a facility for regular exercise will also help counteract the general immobility and “festivities” that might come with the holiday season.

See a chiropractor

Even if you went on a summer trip where the sole purpose was to relax, the act of travel can be very physically taxing. You are carrying luggage everywhere, possibly rushing to get to certain destinations on time, and while lodging accommodations should be comfortable, you might find yourself sleeping unnaturally in an unfamiliar bed. Even the act of sitting still on a plane or a train for an extended period can wrack your body with discomfort. All of this can add up on your back. If you still feel sore after your trip is over, consider seeing a chiropractor. Therapists and practitioners of chiropractic will be able to diagnose any misalignments you may have experienced during your travels and can prescribe a course of treatment or apply an adjustment to make sure your back and spine are right.

Think of the next trip

If you had a great time going somewhere this summer, do it again! You don’t have to nail down the plane tickets and hotel accommodations immediately, just establish a goal of what you might want to experience next. Not only will planning early ensure a relaxed and unhurried process, but it will also develop a purpose for you to work toward for the coming year. There is a certain appeal to spontaneity and not overthinking an excursion. But sometimes working on a future trip is just the project one needs to overcome the ending of summer. If everything goes right, by next summer, you should have all the resources you need to take another fantastic trip.

Having a great summer is an achievement in and of itself. But as one season ends, another one full of experiences and opportunity begins. Taking time and proper steps to care for yourself can make sure you’re prepared to enjoy the colder holiday months and eventually meet next summer anew.