Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative Therapy

About Regenerative Therapy

If you’re struggling with a chronic pain condition and none of the treatments you’ve tried so far are working, regenerative therapy could be the solution you’re seeking. Our medical staff in Northern Kentucky uses the safe, natural power of regenerative therapy to treat patients with a range of conditions, including arthritis and soft tissue injuries. To find out if you’re a good candidate and learn more about this effective treatment option, call the clinic today, or book an appointment online.

What is regenerative therapy?

Your body contains special cells that help you to heal when you sustain an injury by stimulating your body to produce new cells and form replacement tissues. Regenerative therapy practitioners use harvested cells that they inject into your body at the site of your pain; these cells boost your natural regenerative powers to promote healing in the affected tissues.

Our medical staff in Northern Kentucky use amniotic allograft treatment to inject healing cells, cytokines, and hyaluronic acid into the affected area. These naturally occurring growth factors stimulate your body into making new cells that multiply over the following weeks to form new tissue. This healthy, stronger tissue gradually builds up and replaces the old, damaged tissue, and as a result, you feel less pain.

What kinds of pain conditions can regenerative therapy treat?

Regenerative therapy helps reduce pain and improve function in a variety of conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Joint damage
  • Ligament and tendon injuries
  • Muscle injuries
  • Back
  • Neck
  • Hip

As regenerative therapy treatments use cells that your body produces naturally, it’s a safe treatment method that’s unlikely to result in any adverse reactions.

How soon after the regenerative therapy session will I feel an improvement?

Regenerative therapy doesn’t provide instant results, but that’s because it’s addressing your pain on a fundamental level. A pain-killing injection can relieve your symptoms in the short term, but once the effects wear off, your pain returns to the level it was before the treatment.

With regenerative therapy, you’re repairing the tissues that are the root cause of the pain, so the effects are more long-lasting. You may start to feel the benefits of your regenerative therapy treatment in as little as two weeks; or it could take several months, depending on the rate of tissue regeneration and the nature of the damage you sustained.

Many patients only require one session, but others may need a follow-up treatment if there’s no sign of improvement after a couple of months. Another session may be all that’s required to provide an extra boost to the tissue regeneration process.

If you’re living with a chronic pain condition, talk to our medical staff in Northern Kentucky to find out if regenerative therapy could ease your symptoms. Call the clinic today, or book an appointment online.

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