Carpal Tunnel System (CTS) is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States, but new findings report that nearly half of these surgeries are unsuccessful in relieving symptoms. The prime symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are numbness or tingling sensations in the hand and wrist. The condition affects the median nerve most severely, which is located in the thumb, index, middle, and fourth fingers of each hand. This may seem similar to pins and needles. How can chiropractic care help with carpal tunnel syndrome?

What is CTS?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful, progressive condition that occurs when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed. The nerve may become compressed because it has swollen, the tendons are inflamed, or both. You carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway located in the wrist. Women are more prone to developing the condition as men. This may be due to the smaller size of most women’s carpal tunnel.

Diagnostic Issues

CTS can be difficult to diagnosis. Other things such as arthritis, subluxations or disc degeneration in the cervical spine can cause irritation of the median nerve. There is research indication that workplace factors such as working with vibrating tools, construction, factory work .typing, beautician work may be the cause. So the diagnosis can be a complicated.

Invasive Treatments

The major treatment options are injected steroids and surgery. According to documentation half of the surgical treatment for CTS is unsuccessful. This indicates a misdiagnosis according to a study published by the Journal of Clinical Engineering.

Chiropractic Treatment of CTS

Organizations such as the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and the University of Maryland Medical Center list chiropractic as an alternative treatment for CTS. We strongly recommend seeking out non-invasive treatment first if you suspect CTS. Carpal tunnel syndrome should be treated as early as possible after you begin to experience symptoms. Left untreated, the CTS can cause permanent damage to the hand or thumb. A Chiropractor can investigate and locate any potential interference in your spinal vertebrae that may be causing compression of the nerves. The Chiropractic treatment will include gentle manipulation of the wrist, elbow, and cervical spine and can start the healing process and prevent an unnecessary surgery.

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