Scoliosis is one of the common conditions seen in a chiropractor’s office. This condition most commonly occurs in the young, between 10 and 15 years old. Females are much more likely to have scoliosis than males. Adults can suffer from this condition as well. We would like to outline a few facts you should know about scoliosis…

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis comes from the Greek words that means crookedness. When you have scoliosis, your spine’s straight position begins to bend sideways. It can take the form of a single curve (C-shaped) or as a double curve (S-shaped). The most commonly affected area is the mid spine, followed by the lower spine. Double curves usually involve both of these areas. About 80 per cent of scoliosis cases are idiopathic. Which means “without known cause” meaning experts do not have all the answers for sufferers. Following is a list of other forms of Scoliosis

  • Congenital Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that is caused by a defect that was present at birth. It occurs in only 1 in 10,000 newborns and is much less common than the type of scoliosis that begins in adolescence.
  • Paralytic Curve meaning the muscles do not work. This type of scoliosis is often caused by spinal cord injuries that lead to paralysis.
    Myopathic Deformity is a muscular disease in which the muscle fibers do not function for any one of many reasons, resulting in muscular weakness. This curve results from a muscular or neuromuscular disease, such as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or polio.
  • Secondary Scoliosis developed in adulthood can be a “secondary” cause of another spinal condition that affects the vertebrae (caused by a secondary condition , such as degeneration, osteoporosis or osteomalacia)

Who is Affected?

Scoliosis affects between 6 and 9 million people, around two to three percent of the population in the United States. Children aged 10 to 15 are the largest age group and girls are more often affected than boys. A growing population of adults is also affected by the condition.

What Causes Scoliosis?

According to the Scoliosis Research Society, 85 percent of all scoliosis causes are idiopathic, meaning the cause is unknown. The remaining causes of scoliosis include birth defects, such as vertebrae that form abnormally before birth, and certain disorders such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and Down syndrome. Infections and spinal fractures can also cause scoliosis.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms?

Signs and symptoms of scoliosis may include uneven shoulders, one shoulder blade that appears more prominent than the other, uneven waist and one hip higher than the other.

If a scoliosis curve gets worse, the spine will also rotate or twist, in addition to curving side to side. This causes the ribs on one side of the body to stick out farther than on the other side.

What is the Cobb Method of Measuring?

The term “Cobb Angle” is used worldwide to measure and quantify the magnitude of spinal deformities, especially in the case of scoliosis. The Cobb angle measurement is the “gold standard” of scoliosis evaluation endorsed by Scoliosis Research Society. It is used as the standard measurement to quantify and track the progression of scoliosis. The forward bending test is usually used to screen for scoliosis before puberty. An X-ray will be performed on the patient if this test is positive and the Cobb angle measured.

What are the Treatment Options?

Making up your mind about scoliosis treatment for you or your child? While the degree of curve (generally measured as a Cobb angle) has the most influence over the course of action for patients with scoliosis, new and/or alternative therapies have begun to peak people’s’ interest as well. Several options exist, such as chiropractic, observation and bracing. Studies have shown active chiropractic treatment has improved the Cobb angle and pain scores. Experts agree that scoliosis is best treated when found early, so if you suspect scoliosis or are unsure, it’s best to get checked right away.

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