You will hear any number of myths in ordinary conversation buy you shouldn’t all for these common misconceptions. How much do you really know about back pain?

Myth – Back Pain is a Normal Part of Aging

  • Fact – Yes getting older makes us more susceptible to some illnesses or diseases that can cause back pain. However just because you are getting past 50 does not mean it is normal to add back pain to your life. Work with your spine specialist to find ways to improve your pain and enjoy life again, no matter your age.

Myth – My Pain is Moderate-Maybe My Injury Is Not Bad

  • Fact – Pain is a poor indicator of how serious your injury could be. Inflammation builds up in your body it could take weeks or months to show itself. If you are having a mild ache or pain it may be time to get it checked out

Myth – I Am Very Active, So Back Pain Will Not Be My Problem

  • Fact – Unfortunately there is not one way to ensure you never experience back pain. Physical activity is one of the many things you can do to keep your back healthy however. Also eating a proper diet lowering your stress level and having proper posture are other important things to consider.

Myth – I Have Back Pain, I Need Surgery.

  • Fact – Almost everyone will experience back pain in their lifetime. Surgery is the last thing you want to do for back pain. Think of this way-chiropractic first, drugs second and surgery third. Spine surgery is recommended in about 1% of cases, and only with very specific symptoms and diagnoses. Surgery should only be considered if all conservative treatments have been exhausted.

Myth  Bed Rest Is a Cure

  • Fact – A day or two in bed can help when pain is acute. But after that, staying in bed will probably make things worse, for all the reasons that fitness is linked to health. When you start moving again, you will get out of breath more easily and your muscles will not be as strong.

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