Christmas is almost here, which means a new year is right around the corner. Surveys have determined that about half of all New Year’s resolutions are health-related. Some of these goals focus on fitness and healthy eating. Others aim to improve mental health or better manage a chronic health condition. Whatever your healthy goal for the new year is, chiropractic care can help. Here are four reasons to include your chiropractor in your New Year’s resolutions.

1. A Fit Body Needs a Healthy Back

The health of your spine and your fitness level are linked together in several ways. Obviously, it’s difficult to work out if you deal with back pain, but the connection goes beyond that. Your spine houses your spinal cord–the highway of your nervous system. Professional sports teams keep chiropractors on hand to adjust their players because they know that spinal adjustment improves coordination, balance, and range of motion. Several studies have also shown that athletes who get adjusted regularly are less prone to injury. Even if you aren’t playing a sport, these benefits are relevant. Doing a tough workout or starting a new workout routine puts a strain on your body. Chiropractic care can help your body adapt and improve your workout performance.

If you’ve set a goal to work out more, you might also be hoping to change your body composition. For many people, this means losing fat and gaining muscle. As your body changes, your weight may be balanced differently. Someone who focuses on bulking muscle may end up with a heavy chest and shoulder area, for instance. Your spine balances your weight, and when your body composition changes, it needs to make some adjustments. In addition to providing spinal adjustment, your chiropractor can also let you know if you need to change your muscle-building routine to keep your body balanced and avoid injury. He can also give you tips on healthy postures to use while working out.

2. You are Ready to Heal Your Chronic Pain

Millions of Americans struggle with chronic back pain, and many of these patients go through surgeries and other invasive treatments with little success. There are safe and effective alternatives to surgery and addictive medication. Spinal decompression therapy has been extensively studied in patients living with chronic pain. In patients who had struggled with low back pain for an average of ten years, decompression therapy reduced pain in nearly 80 percent of participants, and over 60% saw complete relief from their symptoms. This relief is long-lasting because decompression therapy heals the root of the problem instead of just covering up symptoms.

Decompression therapy is a type of motorized traction that uses a computer to make precise adjustments. It is the only type of traction proven to create negative pressure between vertebrae. Negative pressure has the positive effect of relieving compressed nerves, sucking bulging and herniated discs back into place, and pulling blood flow to the injured area. The physiological changes caused by this create an ideal environment for healing.

Other treatments like cold laser therapy and regenerative therapy can also aid in healing chronic pain. These therapies help to jumpstart your body’s stalled healing processes. Your chiropractor can recommend the treatment that is right for you. Because these therapies all focus on helping your body heal, they take some time to work and require more than one treatment session. If your goal is to spend most of the next year with less pain, consider setting up a consultation and treatment plan right away.

3. To Improve Your Family’s Health

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in at the beginning of 2022, your chiropractor can make it a healthy one. Children, pregnant women, and new moms can benefit from chiropractic care.

Kids are growing fast, and they alternate between long periods of sitting in school and active play. All these things take a toll on their spines. Chiropractors are trained in gentle methods for adjusting children and even infants. Regular adjustments can help with aches and pains, prevent spinal issues from becoming entrenched as they develop, and help with focus and sleep. A specific adjustment to the neck has also been proven to reduce childhood ear infections. Since nervous system function affects every part of the body, including our immune systems, regular adjustments can reduce sick days and help with asthma and allergies in both kids and adults.

Pregnant women often struggle with back and hip pain. The American Pregnancy Association recommends chiropractic care as a safe and effective treatment for common pregnancy complaints, including back pain, headaches, and nausea. Women who receive regular adjustments during pregnancy are less likely to need a cesarean section and tend to have faster, easier deliveries. If your baby is presenting breech after the 37th week, your chiropractor can use the Webster Technique to help the baby turn. This adjustment balances the pelvis and gives the baby room to get into a proper birthing position. In 82% of cases, the baby turns, and the worry of a breech birth can be avoided.

Women also need extra care during the post-Partum period. The stress of pregnancy and labor can cause persistent low back pain, and new tasks like nursing put a strain on the upper back. Spinal adjustment can help new moms feel their best.

4. As Part of Your Preventative Healthcare Plan

You may have heard the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There’s nowhere this is more true than healthcare. It’s better to avoid illness than to have to treat it. Preventive healthcare includes many things, from activities at home like healthy eating and exercise to cancer screenings and vaccines. Chiropractic care is one more thing you can do to prevent chronic health conditions.

Regular spinal adjustments can prevent back pain and injury, but they also help your nervous system function better by fixing subluxations that impede it. A healthy nervous system means better sleep, better digestion, and more energy. Your immune system will be stronger, and you may even experience less anxiety. Your chiropractor can help you catch emerging musculoskeletal and nervous conditions before they become advanced and recommend you to other providers if needed.

Having a preventative plan in place for your new year can help you feel up to following through with your other resolutions.

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